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Rubber Gym Mats Used To Create A Home Gym

This case study comes from Steve who was looking to change his garage from a storage area into a spacious workout area where he could put his exercise bike and also have room for weight and aerobic training. However to do so a suitable flooring was needed as weights cannot be dropped straight onto concrete and it isn’t good (or comfy) doing sit ups/push ups on a rock hard floor! Read on to see what flooring Steve decided to use.

Emptying Garage

Steve began searching the internet to find a rubber gym flooring that would be strong enough to hold his equipment yet soft enough to lay on. Which is when he found our website and came across our new heavy duty and interlocking Rubber Gym Mats. Our non-slip gym mats are manufactured especially for home exercise and gymnasiums, they reduce the risk of slipping and physical damage to your bones and muscles that may occur without the correct flooring. Steve ordered enough mats to cover his gym the same day he found our website and collected them from our warehouse the next day.

Steve began his installation by emptying all of the items that were stored in his garage and moving most of his garden equipment like the lawn mower and edge trimmer in to his new shed. This left him with a blank canvas to work with, all that was left to do was to sweep up the dirt that had collected on the concrete floor and then begin laying his mats.

Rubber Gym Mats Used To Create A Home Gym: Emptying Garage
Rubber Gym Flooring is manufactured specially for home exercise and gyms.
Rubber Gym Mats Used To Create A Home Gym: Emptying Garage
To create space, Steve emptied all items that were stored in his garage.

Installing Rubber Gym Mats

With his garage now clear and clean, Steve could begin laying his Gym Mats.

He started in the top corner of the garage laying one mat at once, ensuring the mat was fit flush to the wall or secured to the connecting mat. As you can see there are pipes and wires in Steve’s garage that would mean the mats couldn’t sit flush against the wall. Luckily the mats are easy to cut and Steve was able to use a sharp kitchen knife to simply cut out pieces of the mat to allow them be placed around the obstacles and flat against the wall.

With the wall facing mats installed, Steve had the easy job of laying the remaining mats down the middle of his garage. The specially designed slot and peg system on the mats made it very easy for Steve to connect all of the mats together and ensure that no mats would move when used.

Steve told us “The gym mats were great and very easy to use, I was able to easily cut them to size to fit around wires and plugs with just a sharp knife.”

Rubber Gym Mats Used To Create A Home Gym: Installing Rubber Gym Mats
Steve laid the mats across his floor.
Rubber Gym Mats Used To Create A Home Gym: Installing Rubber Gym Mats
"The gym mats were great and very easy to use," said Steve.


Steve is very pleased with his new gym area in his garage thanks to our Rubber Gym Mats. The mats provide him with the necessary under foot support needed to exercise at home.

Steve said “I would definitely recommend the gym mats and MatsGrids to my family and friends.” 

A huge thanks to Steve for using our mats and for sharing the photos with us. If you have photos to share with us or questions regarding any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rubber Gym Mats Used To Create A Home Gym: conclusion
Rubber Gym Mats are recommended.

2 Replies to “Rubber Gym Mats Used To Create A Home Gym

  1. Hi guys , I spoke to you reference me doing my garage floor a while ago .
    How much cost do you reckon to fit an area of 26feet by 21feet .
    And would you do a discount for a Disabled War Vetran thank you..
    ….trying to get my physio area done…..
    Stephen king

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for getting in touch via our blog. I have passed your enquiry on to our sales team who will get back to you via email.

      If you have any questions in the mean time, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01246 589092.


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