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Lawn Edging Plank Installation Case Study

This case study comes courtesy of a customer who was looking for a lawn edging product to create a distinct break between his lawn and flower bed. Although the majority of the garden was straight, there was a large bend at the bottom of the customers garden meaning that the edging product they chose would need to be flexible amongst other qualities. Read on to see which product they decided to use and how it performed:


Scott began to research online for the perfect lawn edging for him. He wanted a strong, easy to install, flexible, eco-friendly and long lasting edging that would compliment his garden and not need replacing a few years after installation.

This is when he came across our website and our lawn edging category. After briefly looking through our various edging products and the multiple ways they can be used, he started reading up on our Lawn Edging Plank and the fantastic benefits it carries:

Lawn-Edging-Plank Project
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • UV & Weather Resistant
  • Rot Resistant 
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy To Install
  • Long Lifetime

Scott was so impressed with the planks, that after measuring up his garden, he ordered enough Lawn Edging Planks and Brown EcoPic Garden Stakes to create and secure a border against the full length of his turf.

Lawn-Edging-Plank Work


Scott received his lawn edging planks and staples 3 working days later via pallet delivery to his home address. He stored these until the following weekend when he would install his edging.

Scott began by using two U-Pins and a piece of string to give him a straight line where he would install the planks. From here he began to dig a small trench the same width and depth up the full length of the garden, he made the trench a little wider than needed so he could fit in the staples and fill it back in with the removed soil.

With the trench now dug Scott could begin installing his planks. He placed the planks one at a time in to the trench and then pushed in two staples behind each plank to ensure it was pushed right up against the turf. Scott then back filled the trench to ensure there was no room for the planks to move if blow by the wind, stepped on or hit by a ball etc.

Scott repeated this procedure until the entire trench was filled with Lawn Edging Planks. Scott told us how simple the planks were to install and how easy it was for him to bend and manipulate the edging to fit the curve of his garden using just his hands.


Scott was and still is incredibly pleased with his lawn edging planks. They helped him create a definitive break between his lawn and flower bed so there would be no chance of any soil migrating onto his grass. The planks also compliment the other colours of his garden very well whilst not standing out and taking the attention from his well kept turf.

A huge thank you to Scott for using our edging planks for sending in the fantastic photos of his project to allow us to create this case study. Should you have any images of your project to share or have any questions regarding any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lawn-Edging-Plank Conclusion

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