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Absolute Interiors Create Gym Flooring Using Rubber Play Tiles

This case study comes from Justin of Absolute Commercial Interiors in Woking. Justin got in touch with us after a gym had contacted him following a noise disturbance complaint from an adjacent office. They had found that the dropping of heavy weights onto an unprotected floor was causing a lot of noise and nearby businesses were being disturbed by it. Justin began researching for a rubber flooring product that would absorb the sound of weights being dropped on the floor whilst providing a soft under foot flooring.

Ordering Rubber Tiles

After a little browsing following his online search for rubber flooring, Justin came across our website and our Rubber Play Tiles. He began reading up on the many benefits our tiles carry to ensure they would be suitable for the gyms needs. Justin learned that our tiles would absorb the sound of weights being dropped whilst being soft under foot but strong enough to not break or split under frequent use or the dropping of heavy weights.

After speaking with the gym, Justin ordered 36 Black Rubber Play Tiles. The order was placed on Monday and his tiles were delivered directly to the gym on Wednesday.

Ordering Rubber Tiles
The Rubber Play Tiles would absorb the sound of weights being dropped.

Installing Gym Flooring

With the rubber play tiles at the gym, Justin and his team only had to transport themselves and the required tools & materials to complete the installation.

As all of the equipment was in place, the team moved a few pieces of equipment before laying tiles in the now empty floor before moving the equipment back to its previous spot.

To install the mats, the team first cleaned the floor by sweeping or wiping which you can see in the photos in this blog. From here they then used a strong rubber adhesive on the underside of each tile before laying each tile in place and pressing down as well as they could until it was secure.

They repeated this process until the all 36 tiles had been installed in the correct place and the gym equipment back in their original place. A simple yet effective installation from Justin and the team!

Installing Gym Flooring
The Rubber Gym Flooring was easy to install.


A huge thank you to Justin and Absolute Commercial Interiors for sharing the photos and information of their project to allow us to create this case study. The gym looks fantastic and we’re delighted our rubber tiles solved their issue!

Justin told us: “The rubber tiles were used to reduce impact sound created by dropped weights – the gym is adjacent to an office and the noise was causing some disturbance issues which the tiles helped to alleviate.”

If you have any images of your project to share with us or have any questions regarding any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles: conclusion
Absolute Commercial Interiors were impressed with the Rubber Tiles.

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