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Porous Grass Pavers a Fairground Wonderland

Perfect for protecting vulnerable ground from heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic, our porous grass pavers can be used for a whole number of applications, including most popularly on pathways, golf courses and driveways. Today’s blog focuses on the use of these porous pavers at fair grounds. Fairs pop up throughout the year, all over the […]

Permeable Grass Pavers - Great For Your Paving Needs
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Permeable Grass Pavers – Great For Your Paving Needs

Permeable grass pavers are a great product for your next paving project needs. Whether you are using the grass pavers for your driveway or for the walkway in your yard, they are the perfect fit. The grass pavers are made from 100% recycled plastic materials. By using the recycled plastic you are keeping plastic waste […]