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28m² Gravel Driveway – Created Using X-Grid®

This case study comes from Cliff, who was looking to create a gravel driveway in place of his current, soil area and needed it to match the rest of his drive. He had already decided that concrete was not right for him due to the curing time and being labour intensive. So the product that Cliff eventually chose to create his gravel driveway would need to be easy to install, strong and prevent migration from occurring. 


Cliff began researching gravel driveway grids online and soon came across our website. He began reading up on our very own manufactured product X-Grid® and the fantastic benefits our fully recycled plastic grid carries. 

Cliff was so impressed with our X-Grid® that he ordered 28 square meters the very same day! He received his order via pallet delivery 3 working days later and was able to begin his installation as soon as he had his hardcore, sand, gravel, timber planks and tools ready!

28m² Gravel Driveway – Created Using X-Grid®: The Project
X-Grid was delivered in just three working days.


X-Grid® is our own manufactured cellular grid system which is perfect for creating a strong, permeable, decorative and migration free gravel driveway. The grids are easy to install thanks to the specially designed slot and peg system and are strong enough to withstand up to 420 tonnes per square meter when unfilled.

They are available in three colours: Black, White and Green and in numerous pack sizes to ensure they are suitable for all applications regardless of the area that needs covering or the surroundings.

Our X-Grid® is used in areas to support everything from wheelchairs and push bikes to HGVs which shows just how versatile of a product it is. You can transform a small unused green area into a parking space that is useful for the entire family and means you can avoid having to fight for street parking outside your own home. You can see how more past customers have used our product in different ways by reading all of our X-Grid Blogs.

28m² Gravel Driveway – Created Using X-Grid®
X-Grid can withstand the weight of almost any vehicle.


Cliff began by roughly levelling his current soil area and building a timber edging around where the gravel driveway would be installed. From here he filled a large portion of the area with hardcore and sharp sand before compacting it down as well as he could to create a solid yet still permeable sub-base on which his X-Grid would be installed.

On top of the sub-base he began to lay his X-Grid panels. Starting in one corner and laying one panel at a time, he simply attached each grid together as he went along using the slot and peg system.

Laying the majority of the area took no time at all. As you can as you can see in a couple of the photos, some of the grids had to be trimmed to fit but this can be easily done by using a hand held saw. 

With all of the X-Grid panels now in place, Cliff began to fill the area with his chosen gravel. We advise that around 8kg of gravel is required to fill each panel so you can roughly work out how much gravel is needed for you to fill your full area. This again, did not take much time to complete and soon his driveway was complete. All that was left to do was to park his car!

28m² Gravel Driveway – Created Using X-Grid®: Work
X-Grid was easy to install using the slot and peg system.


Cliff was and still is very pleased with his new gravel driveway. His new strong and migration free gravel driveway looks great and has been used from the moment the installation was complete.

He told us “I wanted something easy to lay without mixing a lot of cement or concrete and something that would match the concrete already laid on the other half of the driveway. I’m pleased with X-Grid; it has done what I wanted it to do and I would recommend you.”

A huge thank you to Cliff for the images and information he provided to allow us to create this case study. Should you have any information or images to share of your project or if you have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

28m² Gravel Driveway – Created Using X-Grid®: Conclusion
X-Grid is recommended.

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