U Pins 6 dia x 180 Long Galv Steel


  • U Pins 6mm Dia Mild Steel
  • 180 mm long
  • 80 mm wide
  • Ribbed galanised steel
  • Weight 85 grams each
  • Ideal for fixing grass Reinforcement Meshes:
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These ribbed, 6mm U Pins are much stronger than the 3mm derivative making them perfect for use in tougher ground and with more heavy-duty products such as TurfMesh.

30mm longer than the light-duty equivalent and double the thickness, these U Pins are much more substantial. Weighting around 100g per pin the 6mm dia variant is ideal for driving into heavy clay, hardcore and other rocky ground.

Available in quantities of 25 or 100, helping you buy as close to the requirement as possible and reducing waste. We would recommend looking at the instruction of the product being installed for guidelines of quantities of pins required.

If you’re unsure of the correct type of fixing to keep your reinforcement mesh in place or would like help calculating the quantity required don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our expert team will be happy to provide the necessary guidance.

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Additional information

Weight 7.99 kg
Dimensions 180 × 6 × 20 mm
Pack Size


TurfMesh Installation Guide

TurfMesh Tech Spec

What are 6mm U-Pins used for?


Heavy duty U-Pins are used to secure TurfMesh, GrassMesh, X-Grid, Membranes and more where a more physically demanding fixing is required.

Why should I use 6mm U-Pins?


6mm U-Pins are used as they are heavy duty and able to withstand the weight of cars.

Where can I find the installation instructions?


Instructions can be found on the ‘downloads’ tab at the bottom of the product page. In addition, more information on installation can be found through our blogs and YouTube videos.

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