Rubber Grass Mats 23mm 150x100cms c/w Pegs Ties


  • Rubber Grass Protection Mats c/w Pegs & Ties
  • Grass Mat Measures 1mx1.5mx23mm (Tol +/-2mm)
  • 5 Plastic Pegs & 10 Cable Ties Per Mat
  • 25mm holes allow efficient drainage
  • Tested by Rapra to BS EN 1177:1998 for 3.3 meters critical fall height
  • Resistant to all weather and extreme temperatures
  • Can be laid on flat or contoured surfaces
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber
  • Wheelchair Friendly
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If our GrassMats are the product for your safety-enhancing needs, then you’ll need a combination of pegs and ties to keep them in place.

This handy little bundle has everything you’ll need to secure your grass mats in place including five fixing pegs and 10 cable ties with every individual mat.

This is the thickest of our rubber matting and is suitable for any grassed area that undergoes regular pedestrian use. One of its most popular applications is on children’s playgrounds, or more specifically, at the base of children’s play equipment. Thanks to its critical fall height of 3.3 metres, as tested by RAPRA, our rubber grass mats seriously reduce impact when falling from a height.

Once the grass has been allowed to grow through the mats, you’ll benefit from a completely natural appearance and be able to treat your grass as normal.

In addition to this, the holes in our rubber mats range maintains natural water drainage routes; this means the chances of flooding caused by a build-up of surface water is considerably reduced.

Suitable for flat and sloping ground, with this combination pack you’ll have everything you need to get started in the protection of your grassed areas and your little ones.

It must be noted that rubber grass mats are a functional product which is designed to provide a solution which allows grass to be fortified. Holes in the mats are sometimes imperfect in their shape and may not be wholly central to the cell in which they sit, however this does not undermine the structural or functional integrity of the mat, nor does it impede the grass from growing through and therefore any mat with imperfect perforations will not be deemed as faulty or unfit for purpose.

To see how some of our past customers have used our Rubber Grass Mats, read our blog posts; Rubber Grass Mats Installation Customer Review or read all of our blogs involving Rubber Grass Mats.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 23 × 1500 × 1000 mm

GrassMats Install & Tech Guide

What are these mats suitable for?


They are suitable for paths, events, playarea flooring, equestrian areas, grass protection and much more. Please contact us on live chat if you are unsure.

Can these be installed onto contoured surfaces?


Yes, these are versatile products that can be laid on both flat and contoured surfaces.

What's the difference between the 16mm and 23mm mats?


The products are very similar but do vary in a few ways. The main difference being the critical fall height of the mats, 16mm has a CFH of 1 metre and 23mm has a CFH of 3.3 metres.

How thick is this grass mat?


This mat is 23mm thick, the measurement includes the bobbles on the mat.

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