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25m² X-Grid® Access Route – Customer Review

This project came to us from David who got in touch with us after deciding to fix an issue him and his neighbours had been experiencing for a couple of months.

He told us: “I live on an off-road cottage in West Yorkshire. Over the last few years our access road has suffered badly and has deteriorated to the point where many saloon cars were bottoming on the track. I was looking to find a product that would enable a quick and easy construction, character keeping, environmentally friendly and long lasting solution.”

The Project

With this in mind, David began researching online for a paving product that would achieve all of the criteria covered above. After searching online he soon came across our website and our X-Grid® paving system and starting reading up on its many benefits which did indeed meet his requirements.

He was so impressed with the X-Grid® that he ordered 25m² the same day which was dispatched and arrived with him just 3 working days later via pallet for him and his neighbours to begin working as soon as possible.

25m² X-Grid: The Project
X-Grid was delivered in just three working days.

Installing the X-Grid®

As you can see from the photos, two tracks where tyres from cars had worn away the current ground needed filling in.

They began by ensuring the exposed and dropped tracks were strong and level enough to have the X-Grid installed straight onto them. With a little gravel added to small parts the tracks were suitable to be used. From here they began laying the X-Grid® which they told us was very simple to split up and connect into the correct shape which was two tracks with joining bridges to keep both sides in place (a ladder shape).

On the steepest parts of the track David used some U-Pins to ensure the X-Grid® did not move at all when driven on. With the X-Grid® in place and secure, they began filling the gravel grid with 20mm decorative gravel. This again took very little time to complete and once filled the project was completed! Overall it took just 5 hours to complete all of this and David’s access route was transformed to ditches to a strong and decorative gravel road.

David talked us through the process of installing their new track:

“1. We laid out the mats to form 2 tracks with joining bridges to tie them together.
2. Ground pins were used to keep the X-Grid mats in place on the steepest part of the sloping drive.
3. The X-Grid mats were then filled with the 20mm gravel.
4. Just 5 hours later we had finished the work.”

Installing the X-Grid®
X-Grid was simple to split up and connect into the correct shape.
Installing the X-Grid®
David used U-Pins to ensure the X-Grid does not move.


A huge thank you to David for using our X-Grid® in his access route project and for sharing photos of his installation with us.

David told us: “The X-Grid® system answered all the previously mentioned criteria and cost 75% less than a concrete drive. With no need to stop use whilst the work was being done. With a small group of neighbours we joined together to share the costs and work involved. It took 25sqm of X-Grid and 2 tons of 20mm gravel to complete the job.”

If you have any photos of your project to share with us or have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

25m² X-Grid: conclusion
X-Grid was installed quickly, did not effect them using the drive while being installed and was inexpensive compared to alternatives.

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