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Green X-Grid® (Gravel Grid) – 70m² Gravel Driveway Case Study

This gravel driveway case study comes from a customer who was looking for a gravel grid that would be strong enough to support cars, trucks and bin wagons whilst ensuring that there would be no gravel migration. With a 70m² area to cover, the grid would need to be easy to handle and install too. A clip the customer sent to us is included in the video below too. Read on and watch the video to find out more.


This project begins with Briggy looking for a suitable gravel grid to cover her entire driveway. As most people do, she began researching to find the best grid to suit her and her needs.

This is when she came across our website and our green Gravel Grid (X-Grid®).  From here Briggy began reading up on the benefits our X-Grid® carries and why it is one of, if not the, best gravel grid on the market.

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After finding out that X-Grid® is able to withstand up to 420 tonnes per sqm, is permeable, easy to handle & lay and is also made from 100% recycled plastic, Briggy ordered the full 70m² so her project could begin as soon as possible. She received her X-Grid® 3 working days later via pallet delivery to her home.

Green X-Grid® (Gravel Grid): The Project
X-Grid can withstand weight up to 420 tonnes per sqm.


Briggy’s order was unloaded via pump truck exactly where she requested it was left on her drive. Now with the X-Grid in place, the project could begin.

Briggy had a team of 3 workmen install her gravel driveway. Using a tractor/digger they were able to easily spread a sub-base of soil which they compacted down to ensure the X-Grid would be installed onto a solid yet permeable surface.

With the sub-base compacted, the team began installing the X-Grid®. Pallets of X-Grid® are stacked in squares of 9 panels. So the team laid 9 panels at a time and simply attached each section together as they went along using the specially designed slot and peg system. As the area was large, the laying did take a while but laying the grid was very simple.

Finally, once the entire pallet of grid was laid, the gravel was spread across the entire area. Using their tractor, they lifted the huge bags of gravel, carefully split the bottom open and evenly spread out the gravel that began to pour out until all of the X-Grid® panels were filled and the driveway complete.

Green X-Grid® (Gravel Grid): Work
X-Grid was simple to lay and connect, despite the large area.


Briggy was, and still is very pleased with her new X-Grid® gravel driveway.

She told us: “I am very happy with your product. I was glad to receive it before the snow came and it has already proven invaluable as a covering for my drive. With the recent snow it has given additional grip and especially with the gravel on top, dry feet and no mud on the boots as visitors arrived. The bin wagon also can turn effortlessly and there is no displacement of my gravel. Yes, I would definitely use the product again and recommend it to others.”

A huge thank you to Briggy for choosing to use our X-Grid® and for the fantastic photos and video clip of her driveway being installed. For more information or to share photos of your recent project, do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact us page.

Green X-Grid® (Gravel Grid): Conclusion
X-Grid will provide "invaluable" covering to the drive.

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