10m² GM550 Turf Reinforcement Mesh 2mx5m


  • 2mx 5m Roll – 10m² GrassMesh 550:
  • Turf Reinforcement Mesh:
  • Weight 550 grams / Sqm:
  • Roll Width 2M
  • Roll Length 5M
  • Manufactured fron HDPE:
  • Colour:- Green
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MatsGrids Turf reinforcement mesh is available 550g/m² and reinforces grass where wear, rutting and muddy areas are common caused by traffic (cars, lorries, vans, pedestrians).

Turf Reinforcement mesh from Matsgrids is manufactured from an extruded plastic mesh (High-Density Polyethylene HDPE). Turf reinforcement mesh works by the grass sward and roots intertwine with the mesh filaments creating a strong interlock of grass and mesh. This interlock protects the grass from traffic wear and helps the grass spread loads more evenly. Turf reinforcement mesh suitable for pedestrian and light vehicle use, overflow car parks, grass paths, lawns, dog areas and light aircraft taxiways where traffic is light and infrequent. For more frequent and heavier traffic, MatsGrids would advise using Grass Reinforcement Mesh.


The installation of turf reinforcement mesh is simple:  Turf Reinforcement mesh can be effectively employed onto stable, well-drained ground by simply unrolling and pinning adjacent and successive lengths using 3dia x 150 Long galvanised steel U-pins. After a period of time, grass will grow through the mesh and reach a height to be cut / mown. After a few cuts, the grass roots and sward will start to intertwine with the turf reinforcement meshes structure producing a reinforced grassed surface.

Very quickly the mesh will disappear as the grass quickly adopts a natural appearance – This reinforcement of grass and mesh reinforces the ground, protecting the ground from traffic wear. It is advisable that installations are carried out when the grass is in its growing season as this will enable the mesh and grass to fully bond together. Using the Grass Reinforcement Mesh for cars and other traffic before the grass and mesh have had enough time to intertwine and produce a solid thatch between the plastic mesh and grass could limit the effectiveness of the product. A few months would be advisable in the growing season before the area is used.

Typical Applications:-

  • Overflow car-parks
  • Domestic lawn parking areas
  • Dog runs / Pet play areas
  • Grass footpaths
  • Wheelchair grassed access paths
  • Pedestrian grassed areas
  • Small aircraft taxi-ways
  • Play areas, under swings, around climbing frames

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Weight 5.5 kg
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What is GrassMesh able to support?


GrassMesh can provide support for pedestrians, wheelchairs and garden machinery.

Is GrassMesh suitable for dogs to walk on?


Yes, GrassMesh can be walked on by dogs.

What thickness mesh can a lawnmower go over?


Any thickness of mesh can be mowed as long as the blade height has been lifted.

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