SoRoTo 100L Forced Action Mixer


SoRoTo 100L Forced Action Mixer for Resin Bound

  • Highly efficient motor, less mixing needed
  • Perfect capacity for a 4 bag Resin Bound Gravel Mix
  • 100 litre mixing capacity
  • Mixes up to 234kg of wet concrete
  • Removable mixing head
  • Adjustable front legs
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SoRoTo 100L Forced Action Mixer

SoRoTo are the original and best forced action mixers on the market today. With service lives up to 20 years and with spare parts still being sold for the first machines manufactured being a great testament to the longevity of these resin bound mixers. Be assured that your SoRoTo Mixer will produce a great mix from its first to its last. The 100L was designed and manufactured by a fantastic team who ensure each and every mixer meets their very high standards.

Resin Bound

The SoRoTo 100L is the perfect capacity for a Resin Bound Gravel ‘4 bag mix’ which most installers work with when laying resin bound. It is the perfect machine for most installers of Resin Bound because as soon as you begin mixing the resin and gravel together it begins setting and there is only a set time you have to lay and level the material. The amount mixed by the 100L and a 4 bag mix is enough to cover around 3½m² when laid at a depth of 18mm. As well as the amount, all SoRoTo mixers produce fantastic mixes from their first mix to their last due to their fantastic design and manufacturing standards.


Mixing cement, sand or gravel and water together can be difficult for some mixers. However that is not the case for a SoRoTo 100L. Each mixer paddle faces upwards so pushes the mix around instead of down and trapping any unmixed materials like other competitors. The consistent mix and capacity will produce enough quality concrete for you to cover a large area from just a single mix.

As well as this, a 100L is able to mix concrete much quicker than a normal Rotary Drum mixer so you can have your mix completed and ready to lay in a shorter time. A 100L is also able to hold up to 234kg of concrete (or other mixes) which far outperforms many of its competitors.

Wet Pour

Wet Pour is the mixing of Rubber Granules and polyurethane resin which is then laid on to an existing tarmac, concrete or MOT base. As with Resin Bound, the 100L produces consistently fantastic mixes that mean you can cover large areas with just one mix and will continue to do so from the first mix to its last. Thanks to its mobility you can move the mixer around the site where you are installing to reduce any chance of the Wet Pour setting in a wheelbarrow or while you walk between a mixer and the install area.


Screed is a type of concrete that is used to create level surfaces, it is used to create a sub-floor on which a finish will be installed or to cover under floor pipes. The 100L will produce a great mix of 100 litres of screed for you to lay and level after just a few minutes of mixing. Thanks to its mobility you can move the mixer to the required area instead of transporting the material.


The 100L can also be used indoors as well as outdoors. Due to its size, this mixer can fit through standard doorways so can be moved easily around a home and positioned to allow workers to plaster any room. Each mix will be of fantastic quality due to its amazing design and manufacture which will allow you to produce an even better plastering finish.


Rending is similar to Plastering so therefore the 100L will work fantastically well for you. Producing consistently great mixes each time, the render you spread on the house will be of the best quality you may ever see. Holding up to 100 litres, there is more than enough room in the mixer for you to cover large areas with just one full mix.

All of our SoRoTo machines are available to purchase now and if in stock & ordered before 12pm, can be delivered on a next day service across the UK. For more information please do call us on 01246 589092 or get in touch via the contact us page.

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Weight 134 kg
Dimensions 1090 × 680 × 800 mm
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