Black Gravel Driveway Permeable Paving ground reinforcement grids


X-Grid® Gravel Grids 

  • 9 Panels 330x330x40mm = 1m² (nominal)
  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Weather and UV Resistant
  • 420 tonnes load bearing capacity
  • Installation time: 100m² per person per hour
  • Colour options
    • Black
    • Green
    • Natural
Usually delivered within 3-5 working days
Delivery costs will be calculated at the checkout page
1 Panel1 Panel1m²1m²25m²25m²50m²50m²100m²100m²

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If you’re looking for a versatile and robust gravel driveway paver or ground reinforcement grid, X-Grid is the product for you. Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality, 100% recycled materials and under incredibly strict standards, X-Grid is a product which is best-in-class.

Intelligently designed, X-Grid can withstand up to 420 tonnes of compression per square metre and weighing in at just over 5 kilograms, the easy-to-handle and simple-to-install X-Grid doesn’t trade-off strength for handleability. Utilising a unique slot and peg connection, these permeable gravel driveway grids are robust and easily connect together to create a continuous surface across areas large and small. This modular design means that X-Grid is suitable for use for driveways, caravan & camping sites as hard standing pitches, car parks, hot tubs, garden building foundations and many, many more.

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Read on to see how X-Grid would be perfect for your outdoor spaces:

Gravel Driveways in X-Grid by MatsGrids

Gravel Driveways

X-Grid is designed with an open cell structure, this means it is ideal for use as a gravel driveway grids. Laid onto a well compacted MOT hardcore base, X-grid will be filled with an angular gravel up to 20mm. When filled you can create the prefect gravel parking surface which will not suffer from the inherent problems of rutting, pot holing and gravel migration. Because of the strength of the grids, the surface is suitable for all type of heavy good vehicles including bin lorries, gas trucks, coaches and lorries making it a suitable surface for domestic drives, commercial car parking, or access routes.

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Grass & Gravel Access Routes for X-Grid by MatsGrids

Grass & Gravel Access Routes

Access routes are incredibly important in a huge range of applications and appear pretty much anywhere that you see a large concentration of people e.g. caravan & camping sites, schools, universities and sporting venues. These access routes give a solid and dependable track into a particular site and are often a legal requirement to give emergency service vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines an easy way in to deal with potentially time critical occurrences.

The phrase “access routes” can also be used to describe the day-to-day roads used to access premises both public and private. Many village halls and schools use grass areas of their grounds to either park on or to allow traffic to move to less busy areas of the site. These tracks over time can become rutted, pot-holed, muddy and in the worst case, impassible. As the weather can become incredibly wet, the ground not only gets eroded away by the passage of traffic, but also compacts and is less receptive to grass being grown. This can make it quite unsightly as well as rendering your access route useless.

X-Grid helps in two ways to combat these issues. By reinforcing the ground, the traffic passing over the surface no longer relies on the strength and stability of the grass & soil, rather it only ever comes into contact with grid. This means the ground no longer becomes compacted and bare, keeping the topsoil in fantastic condition to allow luscious and thick grass to grow.

Another benefit of using X-Grid is that natural drainage routes are maintained, allowing water to pass through the top surface and soak into the floor below, preventing a build up of surface water and discouraging localised flooding. This means the muddiness of the surface is completely eliminated as tyres and feet now walk on the plastic upper surface of the X-Grid rather than the ever disintegrating soil below.

Access Route Grid by MatsGrids

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Caravan & Camping for X-Grid on MatsGrids

Caravan & Camping

One particular area we see lots of X-Grid being used as a functional surface is in caravan and camping sites where there are large numbers of both pedestrians and vehicles moving around on a daily basis. X-Grid can be a superb product for campsites as it’s multi-purpose and its varied applications can really come into their own. 

Hard-Standing for Caravans & Motorhomes

Most modern caravan parks now offer hard-standing pitches to their touring caravan owning customers as hard standing pitches are much more resilient to the elements and are usable all year round. By using X-Grid for both its ground reinforcement and gravel retention properties, it can really help with creating a solid surface which is very low-maintenance yet attractive.

By using tarmac or concrete, caravan sites are simply directing rainwater to collect in little pockets and cause localised flooding as neither concrete nor tarmac allow water to pass through them, simply dumping any water which falls on it to surrounding areas. X-Grid allows rainwater to pass through the surface and into the ground below, encouraging natural drainage methods instead of into sewer networks for treatment.

If you think that gravel won’t be strong enough, believe us when we say that even before being filled with your choice of gravel, the X-Grid is proven to withstand over 420 tonnes per square metre of compression. This should be more than adequate to hold a caravan of any size without breaking sweat!

Gravel migration can be a real problem for gravel areas, with areas becoming rutted through continuous usage and can require ongoing maintenance such as sweeping or raking to ensure the gravel is in the places it is supposed to be, and is level enough to be used without a car “beaching” on large humps of gravel. The X-Grid, when used in conjunction with angular gravel, helps to lock in the stones and make sure they stay where you want them to be. This eliminates pretty much all of the maintenance for a gravel surface without compromising on aesthetics or drainage efficiency.

Car Parking

One potentially big issue with campsites is car parking. With most campsite pitches having a space to park your car next to your lodgings, this can cause problems in the winter months as the grass becomes churned up due to soggy soil. A result of this muddy quagmire is mud moving from one place to the next on car tyres and on the soles of shoes. This mud ends up everywhere, in the accommodation, in the facilities and amenities and can pose a slip hazard to everyone.

By installing X-Grid in the designated car parking spaces, the natural drainage routes are maintained and helps to deal with surface water build-up and therefore prevents mud from becoming an issue. As well as helping the rainfall back to the water-table quickly, X-Grid strengthens the surface and enables vehicles to reverse, park and move around on the campsite without churning up the grass and soil.

X-Grid eliminates the mud issues and allows 24/7/365 access to parking areas.

Caravan & Camping Grids by MatsGrids

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Gravel Car Parking with X-Grid by MatsGrids

Gravel Car Parking

With so much focus on reduction of surface water flooding across the UK due to a few major incidents culminating in dozens of homes becoming flooded, local government planning departments are becoming much more strict on the installation of tarmac or concrete as parking surfaces. These large swathes of tarmac and concrete prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground and rejoining the water table in the natural way and direct water into existing drainage networks, putting them under immense strain during extraordinary spells of weather.

The X-Grid gravel retention pavers are specially designed to lock gravel within in place and prevent migration to other areas, as well as reducing the amount of maintenance needed to keep them fully operational to almost zero. With a 95% open cell design, the X-Grid barely inhibits water from passing through the upper parking surface into the ground below, subsequently being absorbed by the ground and eventually being returned to the water table.

Strength is very much at the forefront of the design of X-Grid, which is capable of withstanding up to 30 tonne axle loads, making it compliant with DIN 1072, as well as its suitability for car parking under EN ISO 124B/125. These gravel car parking grids have a modular design, meaning they can be installed across large areas without breaks in the system, effectively creating a single & continuous gravel surface which is as functional as it is attractive.

Gravel Car Park Grids by MatsGrids

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Reinforced Grass Areas with X-Grid by MatsGrids

Ground Reinforcement Grass AreasTyre On X-Grid by MatsGrids

By installing X-Grid, filling with soil and seed and leaving a 5-10mm gap from the top of the grid, will result in tyres using the surface never erodes the root zone of the grass and prevents rutting as the plastic tray is much stronger than the earth it is replacing.

Available in three colours, including green, X-Grid can be used to reinforce grassed areas for a huge range of different applications. If you are looking to retain the aesthetics of a turfed area but need the durability and strength of a concrete or tarmac surface, by using X-Grid you can be assured your grass is being given the greatest of care.

Once the ground reinforcement grid has been installed, the maintenance of the site can be carried out with no changes to your normal routine. Lawn mowers can still be used without any issues and with the resistance to both the effects of weather and UV radiation, the product will not become brittle or unstable over time. Also resisting the effects of chemicals, oil, petrol and salts, the fortified surface can still be sprayed with weedkillers, fertilisers and can be salted or gritted during times of bad weather to aid the melting of snow or ice.

All of these properties make reinforced grass surfaces a realistic option when creating parking areas which are needed all year round and remain compliant with regulations for areas of outstanding natural beauty or green spaces.

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Permeable Paving with X-Grid by MatsGrids

Permeable PavingSoakaway Diagram with X-Grid by MatsGrids

Urban flooding is on the increase and the need for permeable surfaces in our town and cities is becoming paramount. Councils are introducing tighter planning regulations around the use of surfacing products which meet the standards of sustainable drainage which stop surface water run off into drain systems and allow water to permeate to the water table.

X-Grid has a 95% open cell structure which enables any surface water to permeate through to the ground below ultimately leading to the water table. X-Grid complies with the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 making it a SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Solutions) compliant system so is ideal for use where planning regulations regarding surface water and being enforced.

By installing a free draining sub-base of MoT Type 1 or Type 3 hardcore, rainwater can land on the upper surface of the grid, soak into the grass and soil contained within the cells with a portion of this water being retained by the uppermost layer. Any excess water will be forced down into the lower layers of the build-up as shown opposite, passing easily through the sand and hardcore layers and becoming locked into the ground below.

By dealing with rainwater in this way, a huge amount of water is kept away from drainage routes and surface water is kept to a minimum. This can be incredibly useful if you are in an area where water-logging is an issue and can help to negate surface water flooding.

For more information on how Permeable Paving can help you to improve areas around your home or garden, please get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.

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 Garden Buildings with X-Grid by MatsGrids

Garden Buildings

X-Grid is commonly used in the garden to create a solid and permeable base for a range of garden structures such as log cabins and summerhouses. By replacing a single concrete raft or a modular concrete slab base, X-Grid can help to keep your plastic and wooden garden buildings in great condition as water surrounding the structure is allowed to permeate through the base itself and away from the wood, meaning no more puddles around your chalet or cabin.

With a high load capacity and rubber tile inserts available, the X-Grid is a great choice for anyone looking to create a solid and level base strong enough for most shapes and sizes of garden building.

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 Soakaways & French Drains with X-Grid by MatsGrids


As X-Grid is such a permeable and decorative product, it has been used on a number of projects as the uppermost surface for a soakaway or French Drain system. These systems are designed to give rainwater channels in which to either be stored before its eventual dispersion into the ground beneath or fed via perforated pipes to other areas such as swales, drainage ponds or in the worst case, the sewer network.

By adding X-Grid to a soakaway, you can be assured that the gravel retained inside the panels is locked-in tightly and does not migrate. Another benefit of using the grid is that it makes the surface itself much more resilient to point loads such as wheelchairs and pedestrians, as well as allowing vehicular traffic to cross.

If loose gravel is used for a soakaway or french drain, pedestrians and vehicles can become “beached” in the deep gravel as the weight causes the object passing over it to sink in. This can cause damage to vehicles as well as any drainage system below the gravel.

These soakaways can be incredibly helpful for areas that struggle with water-logging or surface water flooding. If you are in an “at-risk” area, we do recommend that you consult a civil engineering or drainage professional to carry out any necessary checks.

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X-Grid Black by MatsGrids

X-Grid Black is a multi-purpose and general use this is our standard colour and most widely available and is ideal for all type sod multi-use car parking,  access routes or driveways either domestic or commercial.

X-Grid Green by MatsGrids

X-Grid Green has been developed to suit the environmentally friendly green areas where a grassed finish is required to reduce the scarring of the landscape and generate a green surface.

X-Grid in White by MatsGrids

X-Grid White is ideally suited to the decorative gravel market primarily the domestic gravel driveway areas where the desired finish has a decorative / light-coloured stone. X-Grid white is designed to be less obvious especially when filled with a decorative or light coloured stone where the design is that the gravel is the feature and not the grid.

If you think X-Grid permeable paving grids could be the perfect solution for your project, make the most of our simple online ordering system. Otherwise, if you have any questions regarding the range or the project you’re about to undertake, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.

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Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 40 mm
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X-Grid Tech & Install Guide

What is X-Grid suitable for?


Our plastic X-Grid panels can hold up to 420 tonnes per square meter. They are suitable for driveways, pathways, car parks, garden bases, golf courses, equestrian areas and much more. Please contact us on live chat if you are unsure.

How many X-Grid panels make up 1m²?


X-Grid panels are 33cm x 33cm. So 9 panels are connected together to make 1m² (nominal).

Is there a difference between Black, Green and White X-Grid?


No, they are exactly the same product (apart from of course the colour).

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