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How to Install Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a great option for that natural looking lawn all year round, it's also very low maintenance. It can be installed onto an exsisting turf/soil area or onto a hard surface. If you are installing artificial grass onto a hard surface, please go straight to instruction 4.

How to Install Artificial Grass

1. Mark out the area you wish to install the artificial grass on. Strip the turf, removing all of the grass and soil to depth of 40mm. This can be done with a motorised turf cutter or space. 

2. Spread and level 35mm of sharp builders sand over the area. Compact the sand using either a builders plank and sledgehammer or a motorised plate compactor. 

3.  Roll out a weed control membrane over the compacted sand and peg it into place using metal U-Pins or staples. If there are any joints in the membrane, these should be overlapped by 300mm, leaving a 50mm gap from the edge of the grass.

4. Roll out the grass onto the prepared area. Artificial grass can be cut and trimmed using a sharp craft knife. It is easier to cut the grass from the underside. 

5. If jointing the artificial grass, ensure that the rolls are butted together making sure that no fibres are caught underneath. Lay all rolls in the same direction so that the blades of grass are pointing in the same direction.  Adhesive should be applied onto the jointing tape and spread along the joint. Place the roll edge onto the tape, making sure that the fibres do not touch the glue or get caught in the joint. Once the glue has dried, ruffle the pile to diguise any joints or edges.

6. Fixing the artificial grass to a soft surface; Fix down the edges of the grass using U-pins or staples. They should be installed at a angle to avoid lifting, at intervals of 200mm. Ruffle the pile to disguise the pins.

    Fixing the artificial grass to a hard surface; If you are installing the grass onto a hard surface such as tarmac or concrete, apply a line of adhesive along all of the edges and secure to the ground.

We have a full range of Artifical Grass all of which are available for view at our facility in Chesterfield. 


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