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How to Install Rubber Grass Mats

Rubber Grass Mat Installation

1. Mark out the area you wish to install the rubber grass mats. Cut the existing grass short, removing all clippings and debris.

2. Level out any uneven areas by filling them with a 70:30 mix of topsoil : sharp sand. This should then be compacted and seeded if necessary, seeded following the seed coverage instructions set out seed supplier.

3. If you are also using a grass protection mesh, it should be installed at this stage. Grass protection mesh is good for areas that are prone to becoming wet and muddy. It acts as a ground stablisation method under the mats. The mesh should be rolled out over the area and fixed with U Pins around the perimeter at 50cm intervals.

4. Lay out the rubber grass mats on the prepared area, cutting them to fit around any play equipment or other obstacles.

5. If you are installing a number of rubber grass mat, the mats will need to be installed tightly against each other. Using the cable ties, fasten the edges together at 150mm intervals, trimming long stands of the fixed cable ties so that they are not creating a hazard by being exposed above the surface of the mats.

6. Whilst fixing the edges with cable ties, fix the rubber grass mats to the ground with plastic fixing pegs at intervals of 500mm. This will help to secure the mats into place.

7. OPTIONAL Edge blending where a discreet grass to rubber interface is required

a. Using a spade or half-moon edging tool, cut a slit into the ground along the perimeter edge of the rubber grass mats and to a depth of approximately 75mm. 

b. Roll back the edge of the rubber grass mats. Using a spade and starting approximately 150mm from the slit and working away from the rolled back mat, cut a wedged shaped slice of turf (retaining wedge where needed) leaving a wedge shaped exposed soil channel. Continue this operation around the perimeter of the rubber grass mats where edge blending is required.

c. Roll the edge of the rubber grass mats back down into the exposed wedge shaped channel. Pin the edge to the ground through the small holes in the mat with plastic fixing pegs at intervals of 500mm.

d. Refill the exposed ramped edge to its original ground level with topsoil, then trim a layer of soil from the retained turf to give it an appropriate thickness (approx 50mm), then re-bed the turf over the filled rubber grass mats and firm it into place to provide a discreet edge. 

8. Over time, the grass will grow through and cover the apertures of the rubber grass mats. This should take approximately 4-6 weeks during the grass growing season, it can then be mown as normal.

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