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Soakaway Crates

Fully Recycled Plastic Stormwater Attenuation Crates

Our soakaway crates are load-bearing, underground modular cells with a high void ratios that can be used for creating underground water storage and attenuation systems for landscaped areas, car parking areas and heavier duty areas within residential, commercial, industrial or retail areas. Water storage crates are used to create a permeable infiltration schemes. Our crates come in three different variants based on load capacity, 20 tonne30 tonne and 50 tonne.

As our soakaway crates are modular and you can create systems as large as you want by simply stacking the crates or placing them side by side. By using our crates the area you create will be up to 90% open thanks to the massive void ratio of this product.

To create an effective water attenuation system, wrap your soakaway crates in a permeable geotextile membrane to allow slow release of captured water. The slow release means that the surrounding earth absorbs the collected water at a rate that the ground can accept without leading to flooding or stagnant surface water.


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