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MatsGrids are dedicated to helping their customers to make the right choice when it comes to driveway solutions. Our Case study's have been carefully created to show the different ways in which the product range can be used to create a beautiful driveway

  • DIY Gravel Driveway Case Study

    26/07/2016 - 1 comment

    DIY Gravel Driveway Case Study

    X-Grid is the perfect product for maintaining the natural drainage routes of your driveway. Its cellular structure means the grids can hold on to gravel while enabling water to flow easily back into the water table with minimal surface water build-up.

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  • Great Customer Write-Up


    Great Customer Write-Up

    You may have noticed the case study section of our site growing recently and that’s because many of you have been sending in some great photo collections of your garden, driveway, carpark and stable transformations. 

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  • Giles Bertenshaw Stables

    24/06/2016 - 6 comments

    Giles Bertenshaw Stables

    For some reason, when you imagine a stables, you imagine luscious green grass, perfectly pruned hedges and raw wooden fences. Well, these stables were far from it, as you can see from the picture on the right.

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  • Rugby Town Football Club Commercial Carpark


    X-Grid: Delivers Amazing Results Time & Time Again

    X-Grid is permeable, porous and SuDs compliant which makes it the perfect product for creating a useable commercial car park that’s previously been nothing more than a waterlogged, muddy bog. 

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  • Domestic Driveway 40sqm Green X-Grid Case Study


    Creating a SUDS compliant driveway

    X-Grid is our best-selling product for a number of reasons, it’s permeable, porous, is SuDs compliant and abides by all water management laws and regulations.

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  • Domestic Driveway 130sqm Black & Delineators


    Transforming a Gravel Driveway using X-Grid which stops Gravel Migration

    X-Grid is permeable and porous, it complies with SUDs regulations and it’ll protect and reinforce the ground while maintaining and encouraging natural drainage systems.

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  • Taurus Gardening


    Transforming a Driveway with Natural gravel to create a fantastic looking driveway

    As a permeable, SUDs compliant ground protection and reinforcement product X-Grid panels will maintain and encourage natural drainage while also strengthening gravel, grass and bark surfaces.  

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  • Domestic Driveway - No1 Home Improvements


    Home Improvements start with an amazing Driveway

    X-Grid is a permeable ground reinforcement grid intended to strengthen grass and gravel surfaces while also allowing and maintaining natural drainage.

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  • Poulton - Gravel Driveway Case Study


    Case Study - Gravel Driveway project completed using MatsGrids Ground reinforcement grids with excellent outcome. 

    X-Grid is a porous, SUDs compliant ground reinforcement product used to strengthen grass, gravel and bark surfaces while also maintaining natural drainage routes.  

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  • Domestic Driveway Tamworth


    Beautiful Domestic Gravel Driveway

    The Challenge

    The customer wanted to transform their existing lawn area into an aesthetically pleasing driveway that worked for parking their cars on, on a day to day basis.

    The Solution

    D J Groundworks used our X-Grid in Natural to create a beautiful yet useable gravel driveway. Our X-Grid plastic pavers are specifically designed to retain the gravel within its innovative cell design, meaning that when cars do travel over it, the gravel will not migrate to nearby areas.

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