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Welcome to MatsGrids Blog, an area of the website dedicated to the improvement of knowledge understanding and information about the products we sell and how they can be used. 

Our Blog contains a broad spectrum of information all of which aims to help our customers in their quest to improve they way they think about our products.

All pages are written to assist our customers with new ideas about they ways in which our customers can use ground reinforcement, grass protection and rubber grass items. 

  • Rubber Grass Mats Review from Inverness Crazy Golf

    25/05/2017 - 2 comments

    Rubber Grass Mats Review from Inverness Crazy Golf

    We’ve all played Crazy Golf, a fast paced, fun round of putting a golf ball past a number of strange objects. However we never think of the ground around the course and how the constant tread from customers can wear away even the toughest of flooring. Gus had found that his grass was starting to show signs of wear around the crazy golf course so decided he would put a path around that would allow grass to grow but support the customers. Read on to see what he decided to use!

  • EcoLat Case Study Customer Review


    EcoLat Lawn Edging Case Study Customer Review

    Structure and planning is incredibly important when starting any landscaping or DIY project, this is something that Sue in our case study found, she and her husband had a set plan for their garden project and as you will see in the blog it turned out fantastically well! Read on to see what sort of plan they came up with and how it helped them transform their garden whilst making the most of our products!

  • Rubber Grass Mats Customer Review - Barge Group

    19/05/2017 - 1 comment

    Barge Group - Rubber Grass Mats Customer Review

    We've all at one point as a child fallen from a swing or a climbing frame and escaped with nothing but the slightest graze. Now imagine the people in charge of erecting those play areas hadn't even taken into account health and safety, no softer ground or mats for you to fall on. We would have all undoubtedly come off much worse, which is why we test and supply our products. To ensure that little falls stay little and never become anything more than a small pain that is quickly forgotten about. A company got in touch with us regarding an upcoming project where mats were needed under an adventure area, read on to see what product they decided on and how it performed.

  • X-Grid DIY Driveway Installation Review

    08/05/2017 - 1 comment

    X-Grid DIY Driveway Installation Review

    If your driveway is looking aged or in need of some serious TLC, there are a number of options available to you. From relaying the concrete which is a very labour intensive or expensive job should you hire someone else to do it, to jetwashing brickwork every month or so just to keep it looking clean. These are two options but both require a large amount of effort. However, we have an alternative method which includes our X-Grid®, some ground preparation and bags of decorative gravel. Our method may not be as fast as jetwashing brick but does not require constant upkeep like brickwork and unlike, concrete our grid can be laid by practically anyone and allows for surface water to flow away naturally, helping reduce the risk of your drive flooding. Read on to see what Adam decided would be the best method to improve his driveway.

  • Gravel Filled X-Grid® - Driveway Customer Review

    20/04/2017 - 1 comment

    Gravel Filled X-Grid® Driveway Customer Review

    When it comes to gravel driveways, ease of access can become a problem for wheelchair users or pushchair users. In this case study Mike had a newly built house with a gravel driveway but the family moving in needed to be able to use a wheelchair on the surface. This is where we come in. With our X-Grid® used in conjunction with gravel, wheelchair access problems become a thing of the past. Made from 100% recycled plastic whilst also being incredibly strong, our grid is environmentally friendly, permeable and also cheaper and easier to lay than more traditional methods such as concrete or tarmac.

  • X-Grid In The Garden - Creating a Permeable Paving Solution


    X-Grid In The Garden - Creating a Permeable Paving Solution

    When it comes to creating anything in your garden there are a number of possible issues you must take into consideration before beginning your work. One of the biggest issues you do have to consider is drainage, for example; if you were to cover your entire garden in concrete there most likely isn't a natural drainage system in place which can lead to flooding or stagnant water that can damage other parts of the garden. This is where our X-Grid becomes a game changer, with a 90% open structure it allows for any water to drain away naturally ensure unless there are adverse weather conditions that no flooding can occur. Jonathan was looking to pave a garden when he found our X-Grid, read the rest of the blog to see what he decided on.

  • St Werburghs City Farm Installation of Rubber Grass Mats


    St Werburghs City Farm Installation of Rubber Grass Mats

    We are one of the UK's largest importer, wholesaler and distributer of 16mm Rubber Grass Mats and 23mm Rubber Grass Mats. However we still offer a personal service. Projects just like the one you're about to read from St Werburghs City Farm allotment really does make what we do even more rewarding. To see products we supply helping so many people able to partake in activities they would otherwise be left out of. From Rubber Mats to Grid driveways, we are always looking to help everyone. Read on to see exactly what we have done to support this fantastic charity and allow their clients to achieve everyday things we all take for granted.

  • TurfMesh Grass Reinforcement Mesh Installation


    TurfMesh Grass Reinforcement Mesh Installation [Customer Review]

    We’ve all been there, sat in the car revving and revving trying to get our car out of the mud, but its no use, the wheels are digging themselves further and further in. Someone has to get out and push or you’ll be there for a while... What if I told you there is a simple solution to this far too common problem? Our Turf Mesh is fixed to the ground and gives you grip, after a few months it can become almost invisible too. The grass is able to grow through the gaps provided to keep a natural look. Michael encountered the same 'wheels stuck in the mud' problem most of us have, see how the Mesh has performed for him by reading on.

  • Snowdon Railway's X-Grid® Customer Review


    Snowdon Railway X-Grid® Review

    When it comes to laying gravel you know full well that sooner rather than later you will be back outside trying to brush or rake the loose gravel back where it should be. Annoying right? Well by using our X-Grid® you cut the amount of migration massively. You will find just a few loose stones have escaped rather than nearly the whole lot! Snowdon Railway chose to go with us, see what they think of the grid by reading on!

  • Rubber Grass Mats Installation Customer Review


    Rubber Grass Mats Installation Customer Review

    Our Rubber Grass Mats have a primary use of being placed around play areas or exisiting walk ways. They're used to soften any impact from tripping or falling, our 23mm grass mats have been tested and found to have a critical fall height of 3.3 meters. Making them perfect for higher climbing frames and play areas where they chances of falling are much higher. However in this case study our grass mats are used as a walkway to give students access to outdoor classrooms. Read on to see what the School and Brad from Hill Holt Wood thought of our product!

  • GeoBorder Lawn Edging Customer Review


    GeoBorder Lawn Edging Customer Review

    Whether you love or hate gardening, it's something we all have to do in our lives. It can be a daunting task laying a new path, de-weeding or edging the grass. However with the right tools and materials these jobs can be easier than ever. Take Dean as an example, his prject which you can read about below could have been very difficult had he not chosen the right items for the job. Continue through this blog post to see which of our products can make your garden chores even easier!

  • Black X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Installation [Case Study]


    Domestic Installation of Black X-Grid Filled with Gravel For Driveway

    Is your driveway starting to look a little aged? Or maybe you're struggling with surface water which has nowhere to go? Whether it's poor drainage or just a cosmetic driveway face-lift, X-Grid could be the answer. With over 90% of the grid being open, filling it with attractive decorative gravels or grass are just a few ways you can personalise your drive to suit your needs and likes. X-Grid is also permeable so there is a much lower risk of your drive flooding or annoyingly holding surface water puddles! With our online ordering system and fast delivery options, rejuvenate your driveway today!

  • DIY Gravel Driveway Case Study


    DIY Gravel Driveway Case Study

    X-Grid is the perfect product for maintaining the natural drainage routes of your driveway. Its cellular structure means the grids can hold on to gravel while enabling water to flow easily back into the water table with minimal surface water build-up.

    Posted on Domestic Driveway Case Studys

  • Gravel Driveways: The Pros & Cons


    Gravel Driveways: The Pros & Cons

    When arriving home or to anyone else’s house the first thing you encounter is the driveway. Equally, when leaving it’s also the last thing you see which means it needs to make a good impression.

    There are a number of materials you can choose from to create a lasting impression when laying your driveway but most commonly you’ll see concrete, paved, tarmac and gravel surfaces. As you may have noticed, our personal favourite is a gravel driveway so today we’ll be looking in detail at its advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Great Customer Write-Up


    Great Customer Write-Up

    You may have noticed the case study section of our site growing recently and that’s because many of you have been sending in some great photo collections of your garden, driveway, carpark and stable transformations. 

    Posted on Blog featured posts, Domestic Driveway Case Studys

  • Giles Bertenshaw Stables


    Giles Bertenshaw Stables

    For some reason, when you imagine a stables, you imagine luscious green grass, perfectly pruned hedges and raw wooden fences. Well, these stables were far from it, as you can see from the picture on the right. 

    Posted on Domestic Driveway Case Studys

  • Unlikely Uses for MatsGrids Products


    Unlikely Uses for MatsGrids Products

    Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to keep our blog up to date with regular informative articles and case studies so that you can see exactly how our products are used. 

    Posted on Blog featured posts

  • Rugby Town Football Club Commercial Carpark


    X-Grid: Delivers Amazing Results Time & Time Again

    X-Grid is permeable, porous and SuDs compliant which makes it the perfect product for creating a useable commercial car park that’s previously been nothing more than a waterlogged, muddy bog. 

    Posted on Domestic Driveway Case Studys

  • Preparing your garden for a permanent structure


    Planning the Installation of Garden Structures

    If you’re planning the installation of a shed, hot tub or any other form of permanent equipment to your garden, then it’s essential to prepare the ground beforehand if you’re to avoid disasters in the long run. 

    Posted on Blog featured posts

  • Dealing with a garden prone to waterlogging and flooding


    How to Reduce Flooding & Water-logging Around Your Home

    Water-logging and flooding is a disaster for plants and few will survive prolonged periods of inhabiting saturated ground. However, if your garden is prone to water build up, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world as there are various techniques that can be used to improve conditions and promote natural drainage. 

    Posted on Blog featured posts

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