Ground Reinforcement Grids

Ground reinforcement grid system for use in permeable paving applications, our plastic MatsGrids™ XG40 is a 100% recycled plastic grid system which is suitable for all type of paving applications both domestic and commercial which is ideal for driveways, car parks, pathways, menages and all applications where heavy traffic is likely to erode the ground. Quick and easy to install our permeable paving can be laid at 100 square meters per hour. The plastic paving can be filled with Gravel or Grass for a decorative finish which is permeable to water. Strong and durable, the MatsGrids™ XG40 permeable paving system has been tested with a compression strength of 350 tonnes.


  • Gravel Paving Grids
    Grass & gravel pavers are a strong interlocking plastic grid paving system for reinforcing the ground to create a grassed or gravel areas for applications such as overspill car parks, driveways, pathways, emergency access routes and lawns. Our grass and gravel pavers are manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic. MatsGrids MG40 can be filled with soil and grassed as the cylindrical cell structure and open base promotes unrestricted grass root growth. Alternatively MG40 can be filled with gravel, the cells will retain the gravel and prevent loss or gravel displacement. The SUDS compliant paving system is the perfect surface solution for creating car parking areas where surface water run off is contrlled and encouraged to permeate to the water table. MatsGrids MG40 has a simple interlocking design, without the requirement for fixing pegs or ties the system can be laid quickly and easily and will create a very strong reinforced stable ground sustainable ground surface.
  • Grass Pavers

    Porous paving grids create a SUDS compliant free draining green roadway or pavement solution from recycled plastic grass pavers which can be filled with soil and seeded to create a naturally growing grass surface in a stablised and plastic reinforced surface suitable for grass access roadways, grass domestic driveway, grass car parking area, or grass pedestrian pathway.

  • Plastic Paving Grids
    MatsGrids Plastic paving system is the ideal solution for the creation of a variety of applications including gravel and grass car parks, gravel and grass driveways, paths and walkways. This durable light duty plastic paving system is UV stable and tested to 320 tonne loading capacity. Our competitvly priced product is available in an range of colours made to order.
  • Porous Paving Grids
    Our plastic porous paving system is the solution to create a variety of grass and gravel surfaces for many applications including gravel and grass car parks, gravel and grass driveways, paths and walkways. Our R-Pave is durable, lightweight, heavy duty plastic paving system which is UV stable and tested to 320 tonne loading capacity. R-Pave is competitvely priced and is available in an range of colours which are made to order.
  • Delineators
    White Parking Delineators for use marking out car parking bays in Porous Paving Grids .
  • Permeable Paving Grids
    Permeable paving can be used in many applications such are roads, paths, car parks, driveways and is the ideal choice for the creation of SUDs approved paved areas. Matsgrids permeable paving is light, durable, strong and is manufactured from 100% UK recycled waste plastics which would normally end up in landfill. With a compression strength of 320 tonnes per square meter, our permeable paving system rivals all products on the market. Our permeable paving is competitive to our competitors not because it is an inferior product, but because it is manufactured from waste product in the UK, we do not incur expensive raw material, import transport costs or import duties, which any or our rivals have to bear. MatGrids permeable paving is simple to install, with our patented interference connection 100 Square meters can be laid in one hour by one operative. Our permeable paving system can be filled with Gravel or soil and seed for a fantastic green area for parking or driving on. UK manufactured permeable paving is a grey / black colour as standard, but we will manufacture any desired colour providing there is a suitable quantity to produce a production run. If you would like more information regarding our permeable paving system, please do not hesitate to contact us, our experienced sales staff are waiting for your call. Alternatively, If you know what you want. order online through our secure site and you will receive your order of permeable paving in just a couple of day.
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